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The ex-football player who's won a second chance at rallying

Romet Jürgenson had given up on a rally career, but winning the european fia rally star final has reignited the fire.

Continental Finals Europe
Romet Jürgenson winner of the FIA Rally Star European Final

It’s June 2015. Estonia’s Under 17 national soccer team has faced off against Latvia in a friendly tournament. A win and a draw in the bank and 79 minutes to his name for the national side, one of the young midfielders is due for a meeting with the coach, Lars Hopp.

That 15-year-old is about to make a brave call that’ll change his life – not knowing it’ll take another seven years for his decision to finally pay dividends.

“I realized football [soccer] isn’t for me. For some reason, I don’t know why, but it wasn’t for me. I said that motorsport is really my passion and I want to focus on that. So I gave up football on a professional level.”

This is Romet Jürgenson. He’d risen through the ranks at Estonian top division side Paide. But he chose to rise no further. The heart wants what the heart wants, and in Jürgenson’s case, it wanted rallying.


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Words by Alasdair Lindsay