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#RallyAtHome ითამაშე WRC 9 სახლიდან გაუსველად


FIA Rally Star and WRC 9 team up to bring you the #RallyAtHome Challenge! Whatever your favorite platform, purchase the FIA Rally Star DLC and become one of the very first drivers of the new M-Sport Fiesta Rally3! Every two weeks, you can win your spot for the Continental Final.

The largest entry list!

From home, join the community thanks to the WRC 9 game and the FIA Rally Star DLC. You will have to complete an exclusive special stage to win one of the twelve #RallyAtHome Challenges and qualify for the Continental Final.

The classification of each #RallyAtHome Challenge is established by combining the results of all platforms (PC, PS4, PS5, XBox One, XBox X/S).

Rules & Conditions

The purchase of the DLC FIA Rally Star allows you to take part in all the twelve #RallyAtHome Challenges.

You are free to use the hardware of your choice (platform, controllers, rig...).

Each Challenge allows for 100 test runs and 5 timed runs. Only the best timed passage is taken into account for the Challenge classification.

If a #RallyAtHome Challenge ends less than ten days before a Continental Final, Candidates from the countries concerned cannot become eligible for that Continental Final.

If a #RallyAtHome Challenge brings together more than 20,000 participants from all platforms, a second Candidate is then eligible for its Continental Final.

Compliance with all FIA Rally Star sporting regulations is mandatory.

Important Notice

The leaderboard records the fastest time set by a candidate. If the fastest time is found to use the abusive exploit of cutting a corner, this time will not be eligible to win. To record a new time, the candidates new time will need to be faster than the previous.


Get your hands on the FIA Rally Star drivers official equipment thanks to Thrustmaster! For a totally immersive experience, we recommend combining the TS-XW (PC, XBox), T300 or T-GT (PC, Playstation) servo bases with the accessories of the Thrustmaster ecosystem: Rally R383 1:1 replica steering wheel, TSSH progressive handbrake and T-LCM pedals with load cell for ultra-precise control.

FIA Rally Star Playseat®


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